SophSys performs research on new technologies and how to deploy them.

As part of this strategy, SophSys has performed a full feasibility study into the possibilities of a mobile version of the Waste4Me.

This system is already in a container setting but demands a longer time to assemble and start.

Goal of the study was to see if it was technically and financially feasible to construct a unit onto a truck and a boat.

Within that study, 2 countries were subject of the investigation, The Netherlands and Croatia.

During the study, a direct implementation was identified, the Shetland Islands.

As a result of that presented opportunity, the Shetland Islands and the settings were added to the study.

The study gave a satisfying result, although 1 intended option, the Ship for The Netherlands, was identified as NOT feasible.

The results on the truck for the Netherlands, the truck for Croatia and ship for Croatia were identified as feasible.

The results on the Shetland Island research were so satisfying that a direct action was taken and the development is now being prepared for implementation.

The results are available for reading and can be obtained by sending a request to

Do note, the study has been performed in Dutch!