SophSys has, in cooperation with State University for rail and Railtransport established a full testing faculity at the University. At this site, developers and manufacturers can safely test their developments without anyone looking. testing engines are on-site and includes a DAF generator.

At this testing facility, smaller medium-speed and high-speed engines are available and this university has the legal position to perform UA accepted tests and research.


Adria Diesel is the original Sulzer engine manufacturer, formally knows as YugoTurbina.

building the cooling engines for Nuclear Facilities worldwide, Adria Diesel has an extensive testing facility that can receive engines between 1 Mw/H and 10Mw/H.

the testing unit consists of 5 smaller testing units and 2 large units and can perform tests such as Tier II/IMO and various other research and certification options. working with DNVGL and other international certificating bodies, Adria Diesel offers testing facilities for larger engines and is one of the few places in the world where testing and certification on larger engines is possible.