Waste4ME BV provides Waste to Energy integrated solution using the existing power generation;

the existing power generation can be diesel generators, gas engines, gas turbines, organic rankine cycle, stoves, heaters, district heating, etc.

Mobile units are able to apply waste for mobile energy at locations where recycling is not a feasible option.

In all locations where logistic cost and energy cost are high, the WER is viable. These can be companies, military camps, islands, remote villages, festivals, etc.

Designed for decentralized locations where availability of components and trained staff is minimal, operation by low educated staff, due to automation and remote controlling

  • 24 hour operation with max 10 hour per day emptying
  • waste
  • All fitted in 2x 20ft or 2x 40ft containers for quick
  • deployment, 1 container for parts & operator housing
  • Mineral recovery easy do to not melting of metals

Turnkey solution, quick to install and easy operate;

  • disconnect and replace maintenance can be performed by technicians with comparable level as a car mechanic
  • Based on proven technologies with in-house development to meet market demand

Your Benefit

- Electricity, at minimal guaranteed capacity operation with +/- 2500 inhabitants ≈ 25 ton waste/week gives 14200 – 23000 kWh electricity per week depending on

the exact amount, type of waste produced and environmental conditions.

- Gas, at minimal guaranteed capacity operation with +/- 2500 inhabitants ≈ 25 ton waste/week gives 170 – 277 GJ gas per week, equivalent to 3700 – 6000 kg propane (6350 – 10.000 liter), depending on the exact amount, type of waste produced and environmental conditions

- At larger amounts we can either use a larger unit in 40ft containers up to 1,25 ton/hour or use multiple systems

- Conversion of all carbon containing waste up to the size of a euro pallet, including some waste components that are normally listed as chemical waste like tires and used engine oils. Larger intake is possible to engineer.

- Option for separate disposal of medical waste

The WER has the following specifications

- Fits in modified sea containers ISO 668 type 1CC(20’ x 8’ x 8’,6”)

- Minimal 150 - 250 kg/hour waste to energy capacity, maximum 1,25 ton / hour

- Separate tire cutting installation for processing of tires & recovery of metal)

- Technical water connection (waste water possible, no drinking water needed)

- Internal waste storage buffer for >14 hour operation

- Customer specific take-in system. E.g. based on size standard euro containers, DIN EN 840

- Operates between -10 °C and 45 °C

- Emission levels far below the Dutch & EU allowed levels for waste incineration

- Thermal recycling category, D-category in Dutch LAP3, national waste plan

- Noise level is below 75 dB, no ear protection required

Frequently Asked Questions

-Is the technology proven?

Yes, Toeps and Quantum Solutions have built and tested a prototype to proof feasibility. Several proven technologies are integrated to a complete system. It can be compared with the evolution from the iPod to the iPhone, the iPod was expanded with a know-how feature in a different field (the phone) and therefore created a new product. We took technologies from biomass conversion and are testing the critical & changed parts and integrate it with known technologies.

- Is gas the same as natural gas or the same as propane?

No, the WER produces gas with less energy per cubic meter with natural gas and propane components. We have proven to make LPG and renewable natural gas.

- Is there anything left after gasification?

Yes, there are incombustible parts and these cannot be turned into gas. Ash extraction is once a day and ashes are around 5% of the total flow depending on the type of material going in. The minerals can be recovered.

- Converting is hot, right? So the machine is hot too?

No, due to insulation and covers are the touchable surfaces below 48 °C at normal outside temperature of 20 °C. If it is 45 °C, e.g. in the desert, then the surface temperature is higher.

- Why mentioning a gas generator in the picture?

These in general fit well with the existing infrastructure. Other setups can also be integrated and we just give one example.

- Can the gas be upgraded to natural gas quality?


- Can you store the gas?

Yes, under pressure with additional compressor and storage tanks. LPG fraction can be stored very well.

- When is the product available on the market?


- I read covers, but don’t see covers in the pictures, why? The machine in the pictures is a prototype on which we try out many things new for what is the best. Therefore covers limit our work. During our development with the Dutch military we were reminded well of necessary safety measures.

- Things move, so they cause vibration and low tones, right?

Moving parts are either slow 1 – 5 rounds per minute or high (compressor), these are all outside the own frequency that causes the moving vibrations and low sounds.