KIT Turbine

by Dr. Nenad Koncar in cooperation with Adria Diesel d.o.o. and Kermas Energija

SophSys BV is licensed distributer for this development.

Floating mobile hydroelectric power plant with 100kW rated power constructed in a way that is

environmentally friendly, small footprint, with characteristics acceptable to every installation location.

Main features:

  -  new design makes system very reliable with minimum maintenance

  -  longevity due to material selection

  -  easy to use (installation and maintenance)

  -  high efficiency

  -  unit can stand alone or it can be part of the network of several units 

  -  environment friendly - 100% environmentally clean energy

  -  does not disturb the river navigation or interfere with the natural fish habitat

  -  works in the regime of small rotation ->no water heating, no radiation, no noise, no vibration

  -  works also with the low speed of water flow (under 1m/s)

  -  can be used for: 1) electricity production

  2) irrigation

  3) drinking water