The Cyclone-X is an air intake modification.

Standard air intakes are not always to the optimum and that leaves room for improvements. Helping the engine breath better, thereby assisting the engine with a better air and fuel mixture and better fuel efficiency the engine has more capacity left to do it's actual work. Bents and obstacles in the air intake obstruct the incoming air. The Cyclone-x is a steel ring with non-moving blades. Due to the exact dimensions, the air will not be obstructed by the Cyclone-X but be brought into a cyclone like swirl inside the air intake. This cyclone like air movement travels better around corners and over distances, enabling the engine to obtain the necessary oxygen with less effort. This process, and the better air/fuel mixture helps your car save up to 10% fuel.

Trucks can reach between 2 and 8%. Recent tests have shown a 7% fuel reduction on a Volvo Euro6 truck and 10% on Volkswagen Transporter T6. The Cyclone-X has no influence on your warranty or guarantees as it has no moving parts, does not interfere with the computer and is not a fuel type.

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Dutch truck companies are eligible for subsidies and tax breaks.