Community Power

Community Power is a 100% “green” power plant. For the first time, a full green power plant that is able to provide/sustain a stable grid and electricity for an entire city. Combining all the options for producing green energy, together with the ability to store the generated sustainable energy, SophSys BV and its partners are now able to build a complete power plant; the implementation of the first project has now begun.

Community Power  (hereafter: “CP”) combines a number of inventions and solutions for producing green energy, with - in the center of it all - the energy-storage system called Energy Disks and the Bio Based Battery unit.

An important element of this project is the involvement of the local population. CP is the first-ever attempt to involve the local end users as part owners of a power plant. Every citizen in the targeted area will be part-owner, through a certificate of ownership. All citizens together form a group, by means of a special-purpose foundation. The foundation as such holds voting rights and a collective % ownership in the green power plant.

By using the local community ‘s cooperation in this fashion, CP is fully supported by the inhabitants as a group.  CP will continue to grow through the years, as the city’s population will grow too.

Adding people to the collective means more demand for energy from the CP power plant, whilst the growth of people also creates more waste. The waste produced by the collective is an integral part of CP, as the waste will be transformed into energy. Scalability is an important part of the entire project, as we aim to make the city grow and with that growth, the demand for more green energy will rise.

As part of the social impact of this power plant, CP has a jobs program integrated into the system. As the power plant needs operators, the community will be a source of operators and staff. At the same time, new companies settling into the area of CP will bring new jobs to the area and therefore will be ‘rewarded’ by a price reduction for the energy use during a specific period of time. In this way, CP will work as an generator for cutting back unemployment in the area and will produce new jobs and growth of the area surrounding the power plant.

CP will be built to deliver 100% green energy at a competitive rate to the regular energy grid, helping the community to become successful at making a transition from regular energy sources to renewable energy. In the financial projections, subsidies and financial compensations from the government or European Union are being considered, since the power plant will generate energy at a cost, lower than average.

CP consists of a combination of renewable/green power solutions.

At the core of this of this project, the energy storage unit Energy Disks and Bio based Battery Unit enables the municipal power plant to be stable and operational for a larger community or area.

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