SophSys consists of 2 divisions:


Division 1: the fuel and emission reduction

This department has developed a new fuel enhancer DFC2020 and manufactures the Cyclone-X. DFC2020 is an additive for diesel that enhances the performance of the fuel and preserves the fuel for up to 6 years. Turning basic regular diesel fuel into Premium diesel will result in reduction of fuel consumption/costs and will reduce the emission on the engine. Cyclone-x is the easy way to enhance your air intake and helps your engine perform better and will reduce fuel consumption. On trucks, this unit will achieve 2 till 8% reduction without any risk or loss of guarantee on the engine. Tested and proven in the Dakar Rally and  field tested on the latest engine types such as the Renault and Volvo Euro6 models

Next to these products, SophSys holds the distribution rights for Longbridge Nano Oil ) and constantly works on new developments for fuel and emission reduction solutions for diesel and gasoline engines


Division 2: green energy

SophSys has been involved in the development of a new revolutionary energy storage solution, energy disks.

As one of the partners in Enershi BV, SophSys has played an important role in the development of this all-new mechanical method of storing large quantities of energy, with up to 85% efficiency with a life expectancy for the unit for up to 35 years. (conventional battery solutions will only do 10.000 charges and last up to 8 years max.)

In addition to this mechanical energy storage, SophSys holds the distribution rights for a bio-based battery. Another new, long-life way of storing energy with a life expectancy of up to 35 years and able to store energy for 3 months at a time at 85% efficiency. Both units can be fully discharged and lay dormant for years without any damage to the system or it’s performance.


Furthermore, SophSys obtained representation rights for several high-end green energy production solutions, such as the new windmill technology developed by Mega Windforce and the 24/7 full-flow multi-source pyrolytic waste disposal unit, Waste4Me.

Together with a team of experts on finance, subsidies and engineers, SophSys assists companies, industry, NGO’s and governments on implementing solutions for their renewable energy objectives and assists companies worldwide with competing in tender programs via its associated tender specialists.


SophSys is co-owner of a whole new engine-testing facility at Kharkiv State University for Railway Transport, which opens its doors to other developers to perform tests and conduct research at this testing facility.